Now offering precision washers and spacers per Honeywell S8157, S8168, and S9011



The bulk of the parts we make can fit in the palm of your hand. Typically they are about .125 to 1.250 inches in diameter.

However our full range capacity is .040 to 2.625 inches in diameter


We specialize in Swiss CNC machining and screw machine products and throughout the years we have refined our craft to a science. This means we can evaluate your parts based on proven processing methods and provide you with perfectly made products on time and all the while offering competitive pricing. We take pride in each part we make and strive to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products and service.

We manufacture all of our products right here at our facility in La Verne, California and take pride in being an American manufacturer. Whenever possible we use local material and outside processing suppliers.  This is beneficial to our customers where often times having resources at our finger tips helps reduce lead times on many of our orders.

We’ve also assisted many customers in re-shoring overseas products at decreased costs and drastically reduced lead times.  We’re able to do this by continually investing in state of the art equipment and remaining on the cutting edge of technology. This allows us to run parts most efficiently and translate the benefits to our customers.


As of April 2024 we are in the process of becoming ISO9001 certified with a projected certification date of December 2024. In the mean time we continue to be ISO9001, AS9100, and ITAR compliant as required by many of our customers.

We are committed to rigorous product inspection because quality comes first at DP Machining! Every job starts off with a first article inspection, and we continually monitor and inspect all our jobs throughout every phase of production including final inspection prior to shipping your order out.

At DP Machining we pride ourselves on being a high quality supplier. As one of our customers you can rest assured that your parts will be made to print every time.