Now offering precision washers and spacers per Honeywell S8157, S8168, and S9011

About Us


DP Machining is a modern CNC machine shop that manufactures precision machined round multi featured and screw machine products. Parts are produced by Swiss CNC machining and CNC lathes. We’re located in southern California and have proudly been serving customers for over 15 years. Our customer base spans the nation although the core of our customers are based in California and other western states.

We custom manufacture electronic hardware and fastener type products similar to other well known manufacturers such as:
Shur-Lok, Electronic Harware Ltd, RAF Electronic Hardware, Lyn-Tron, Fairchild Fasteners, Clickbond, and PEM.


We’ve made a name for ourselves in the Swiss CNC machining and screw machining industry by providing excellent customer service and quality machined parts. We’re recognized as a leader in custom manufactured airplane seat bushings, fasteners, electronic hardware, precision washers, NAS hardware, spacers, standoffs, brass pins, shafts, rivets, shoulder screws, thumb screws, and core pins.

Finished machined part applications include hydraulics, flow control, weapons and self defense, electronics, medical devices, lighting, automotive and motorcycle aftermarket, hand tools, store display, stamping, metal fabrication, filtration, and apparel accessories.


Our goal at DP Machining is to keep our customers happy by providing high quality machined parts, on time deliveries, competitive pricing, and superior customer service.